WARNING- mature content (18+)



Through instinct, she began to strip herself out of her clothes, tossing them carelessly in her aimless path to her bed. As she gripped the waistband of her pants, she remembered that she had put the earrings into one of the pockets. She dug down into the right pocket with no results, panicking that she may have lost the trinkets before finding them safely lodged in the left pocket. She plopped them onto the nightstand as she finally pulled her pants off and crawled into bed in nothing but her lacey and sheer undergarments. Fluffing the pillows behind her head, she closed her eyes, trying to get comfortable.


She laid there, staring at the blackness of the ceiling of her penthouse, thankful she was smart enough to keep her hexagonal digital blinds on before leaving for the day – it blacked out the morning sun almost completely and kept her in an easy darkness.


Karnal shifted, feeling restless.


Turning on her side, facing the nightstand, she could barely make out the dark shadow of the earrings resting on its smooth, wooden surface.


She bit her lower lip, but it only exacerbated her thoughts. She flipped, facing away from the temptation but she couldn’t help that she was almost wide awake – sleep would surely escape her.


A mere thirty minutes passed before she finally gave into the tantalizing possibility of further stimulating conversation. Reaching over, she grabbed just one of the earrings and carefully placed her ear into the cradling cusp of the jewelry.


She didn’t speak, instead waited to see if she could hear anything coming through the innocuous inter-dimensional transmitter.


Minutes passed, and a wave of disappointment lulled her nearly to sleep when she heard his voice.


“You can’t possibly still be awake, Mistress.”

Her eyes shot open and a betraying smile snuck up on her, “Barely, Neros.”

In her intoxicated mind, saying his name didn’t feel so awkward, and she mouthed it repeatedly in silence in the dark.


“When will you returning?”

“I have a brief meeting in a few hours, then I’ll make my way back.”


“Shall we plan on seeing one another again, then?” His words, while accommodating in content belied the tone of dominance – the question was a polite formality. Normally, she was at the mercy of his schedule, the shift in his expression of desire to meet with her caught her attention.


“I am at your leisure.”

The chuckle her words elicited from him made her smile.


“Then I hope you sleep well.” His bidding hummed and curled around her ears.


The buzzing died down and the communication was cut off.


She wore her smile to sleep.