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KARNAL CONFESSIONS is a project (illustrated prose) I’m doing to satiate my need to create and write a story near and dear to my heart. This story will be prequel in nature, giving a fun exploration of some key characters and universe that I have been working on for a while called: BROKEN.

At its core, this is a love story, where our hero, isn’t actually a hero. She’s a villain. An indulgent, power seeking, survivalist who has never apologized for her appetites. Set in a multi-dimensional, futuristic universe, we’ll walk unsteadily with her as she navigates the fallout of her ambitions in an account that is an unrepentant telling of the bad girl who stays bad.

- Sorah Suhng

Written and Illustrated by Sorah Suhng

Story edited by JT Siems

Special thanks to Wes Knipe & Brett Cate 

(And to my Beta Readers, you make this happen)

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